You are entering a drama-free zone

  • Regardless of how opposed you are to actual drama, chances are you’ve had a phase in your life that’s been full of it. But sometimes drama can follow you, even when you’re running at full speed to get away from it. Especially when it comes to LOVE relationships. Letting go of drama is a decision. YOUR decision.
  • I am Birgit, certified relationship coach, and I’m here to help you take the leap into a drama-free love and life relationship.

drama-free in 3 months

First: the assessment

First, you go through a set of in-depth assessments. You learn how clear you are with who you are and what you want. This is the foundation to develop a healthy, drama-free personality.

Second: the inner work

You will go through and analyse your vision, mission, and your values. Get clarity on what you really want in life. And, just as important, what not. Identify your non-negotiables and learn how to protect them.

Third: the outer work

Now that you have found peace within yourself (first and second step), you will learn and practice how to become the kind of person who can live at peace with others. And ultimately live a drama-free love relationship

Fourth: putting it into practice

You will come out of step three with a comprehensive strategy and plan. Because now it’s time to go out there. To combine your inner work with the outer work you did the past 3 months. You will be perfectly prepared for this step.

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Haven’t found your relationship yet?

Before you can have a drama-free relationship, you need to actually BE in a relationship first. Is this quest a struggle for you? Then sign-up for my free 5 day e-course “Readiness Bootcamp”.


/ˈɔːrɛndə/ is an Iroquois name for a spiritual power inherent in people and their environment.